Q4 Clip Contest Results


Judges: Lauren Frohne, Amanda Snyder and Colin Diltz of the Seattle Times



First: Douglas Graham, Loudoun Now

Second: Matt McClain, The Washington Post

Third: Aileen Devlin, The Daily Progress



1st: Interesting and unusual image. A great moment that stands on its own.

2nd: Nice layering and interesting composition of a hectic scene. And we love dogs.

3rd: Unexpected scene, candid moment composed nicely from a low angle.



First: Aileen Devlin, The Daily Press

Second: Shelby Lum, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Third: Matt McClain, The Washington Post



1st: This is not an image any of us feel like we’ve seen before. Demonstrates a great eye and masterful use of available light in the moment. You can see what’s going on, despite the distance from the scene. In fact, something that could have been an obstacle to make a great image (distance) made this image even more interesting.

2nd: We loved the expressions capture here. Getting down to their level helps capture the passion and personalities of the children. Also not something you see every day.

3rd: The composition really highlights the scale and vastness of the flood. The intentional framing and the posture of the subject make it interesting as well.



First: Jonathon Gruenke, The Daily Press

Second: Aileen Devlin: The Daily Press

Third: Matt McClain: The Washington Post



1st: We like the layering and composition of this image, the gestures among the subjects, and an intentional use of reflection that helps tell the story.

2nd: Striking light in this image that is also imperative to the story it’s capturing.

3rd: A strange and interesting image from what could be a bland political event.



First: Aileen Devlin, The Daily Press

Second: Jonathon Gruenke, The Daily Press

Third: Douglas Graham, Loudoun Now

HM: Aileen Devlin, The Daily Press



1st: We all reacted to this picture, quintessential peak action, you really feel it.

2nd: This images captures a whole story – the score, posture, the isolation (especially striking for a large-team sport).

3rd: We all loved the composition and framing of this one. There’s so much to see and discover as you take the image in.

HM: Nice image that captures emotion.



First: Jonathon Gruenke, The Daily Press

HM: Douglas Graham, Loudoun Now



Weak category (only 1st and HM)

1st: Would love to see more of the character off the football field, but we liked the images that captured moments of camaraderie and relationships between the players. Some really unique moments — especially the one where she is being lifted in the air by a teammate.

HM: This is interesting and timely subject matter, but we wished for more visual variety (in composition, details, focal length) and a tighter edit.



First: Shelby Lum, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Second: Kaitlin McKeown, The Virginian-Pilot



Weak category (only 1st and 2nd)

1st: This story was solid throughout. There were nice moments and sequences, a spunky interview, good visual variety, and also a really interesting topic that we’d never seen before. The story was concise and well-told, just as long as it needed to be. We especially all loved the closing shot.

2nd: Short and sweet. We loved the shot of him during the skydive.

Overall, for this category, we felt that there was a heavy reliance on music, rather than natural sound, and we would urge everyone to really pare down their edits. A really solid 60- to 90-second story, or even 2-minutes, will have more impact than one that tries to pack too much information, too much talking, into it. Let the characters shine through, use moments and sound to help tell the story.