For Kenth- Story 11

Kenth watches the trees rush by as Niels takes him for a drive in the Danish countryside. Kenth’s behavior has improved dramatically over the years, however, there are days where Kenth will be demanding of his caretakers by repeatedly signing and expecting their response. The long drives are often used as a type of therapy.
ÒI suppose that looking from the outside it would seem that he has no life at all, but it’s not true because he’s got so many abilities and has got so much potential for development. I mean when we started working with him it’s been an up going progress and there’s no telling where he’ll be 10 years from now. IÕm filled with pride when i think about it and when i think back on the time when he moved in here. Having made a difference, not me alone, but i’ve been apart of it. It’s been a lot of work but it’s definitely worth it,Ó Niels said.

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