For Kenth- Story 01

Story summary: It was just a short amount of time and several doctor visits before Britta Rasmussen realized that her son KenthÕs slow development was actually a mental handicap. Prepared to take on the challenge of raising him at home, she soon realized that as he progressed into adulthood so did his mental illness. His violent behavior became overwhelming for the family and Kenth was sent to live in an institution in hopes of a better life.
However, the reality that first greeted Kenth was far from ideal. Life in an institution designed for people with Autism only heightened his violence and misery. He retreated to isolation.
Years passed until a day came for Kenth to be moved. An institution near his home county called Solund in Skanderborg, Denmark had recently been transitioning into a philosophy called Gentle Teaching.
Today, Kenth is 35 and is one of over 200 residents at Solund. Through the support of his family, and the care of his caretakers, his once violent behavior has transformed to reveal a complex and curious man. Almost 8 years in the making, Kenth has a new story.

Caption 1: Kenth hides behind his hands in the common room of his home at Solund. When the staff members are switching shifts, Kenth can regularly be found waiting for the next caretaker by the door.

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