POY-VA 2016 Judges


Christian Tyler Randolph is a California native and current staffer at the Tribune-Review in western Pennsylvania.  A Hearst finalist during his time at Western Kentucky University, he has accumulated a spectrum of experience from working as an intern and staffer at seven newspapers across the country covering everything from small fairs and fires to national politics and disasters. A self-described “impulsive” photographer, he seeks to build complex images and narratives starting from the smallest details of everyday life.


Michael DiBari Jr. is currently the Endowed Professor at Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications, Hampton University. He teaches a variety of visual communications courses including: Visual Media, Photojournalism and Web Design.

DiBari holds a Master’s degree in Visual Communications and a Ph.D. in Journalism from Ohio University’s Scripps School of Communication.

Prior to graduate school, DiBari worked as a photojournalist at a variety of news organizations, from the small community newspaper in Milledgeville, Georgia (the Union-Recorder), to The Washington Post and the Associated Press as a freelance photographer.

In February 2017, his first book titled “Advancing the Civil Rights Movement: Race and the Geography of Life Magazine’s Visual Representation, 1954-1965,” was published by Lexington Books.


Kyle Grantham is a staff photographer with The News Journal in Wilmington, Del. where he joined the staff in January of 2013. Before joining The News Journal, Kyle worked for the Casper Star-Tribune on Casper, Wyo. and the Evansville Courier & Press in Evansville, Ind..
Kyle serves on the National Press Photographers Association’s board of directors as the treasurer. He’s previously held roles as a national director and regional chair for the Mid-Atlantic Region. In addition to his duties as treasurer, he also manages the NPPA’s clip contest as National Clip Chair.
Kyle is a graduate of Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication in Athens, Ohio and currently lives in Wilmington.

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