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HM FEATURE PICTURE STORY: Vicki Cronis, Virginian-Pilot— The Last Days of Being Mr. D “Mr. D” is Robin Davenport, who has been prinicipal of Creeds Elementary in rural Virginia Beach for 17 years. As a child, Davenport attended Creeds through the 8th grade. He rode to school every morning with his mother, the lunchroom manager, who was famous for her no-bake cookies that sold two for 5 cents. He still lives in Creed, just five minutes away. For Davenport, it has been “an honor to serve my community, to serve my friends.” Principal Robin Davenport pauses in the hallway as the Pledge of Allegiance comes over the loudspeakers on May 5, 2015, at Creeds Elementary School in Virginia Beach, VA. He is the only principal in Virginia Beach to work at the elementary school they attended as a child.

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