Multipe 3rd Place: Jill Nance/The News & Advance

Hand in hand, Sweet Briar senior Charlotte Hopkins (right) and junior Nadirah Abdus-Sabur make their way around the quad during the yearly tradition of lantern bearing on May 6. Each senior picks an underclassman to make her a lantern. During the evening, the pair will walk around the quad three times symbolizing the years spent at the college before the seniors break off and take their final lap on their own.
It was announced in March that Sweet Briar College, an all female college founded in 1901, would be shutting it’s doors at the end of the school year after a vote to close to school was made by the board of directors. The all girls school was one rich with tradition and legacy. A somber feeling was present during these once joyous traditions as they would be experienced for the final time.

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