Sports Picture Story 2nd Place: Rob Ostermaier/Daily Press

–Sports Picture Story 2nd Place: Rob Ostermaier/Daily Press–From the historic Yorktown Battlefield to the largest naval base in the world, Hampton Roads lives and breathes the military. In addition to producing athletes that go on to compete at Division 1 colleges and universities across the country, Hampton Roads is also home to a large military population. This series of portraits celebrates the best in athletics from a region marked by its military strength. These young athletes, like the men and women who protect our country, represent the best of their field.

From Left to Right: Connor Rinoski, Allyson Babinsack, Rachel Brewer, Lia Batchelor, Chantel Ray and Austen Delnicki are photographed on the flight-deck of the carrier of the USS Harry S. Truman. These athletes excelled at their sport earning the title “All-Star”. The USS Truman is the eighth of the Nimitz-class carriers and was commissioned in 1998. The super carrier can accommodate approximately 90 aircraft and the flight deck is 4.5 acres and is capable of launching aircraft from two forward and two waist catapults.

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