Quarterly Clip Contest Rules

Remember, the Clip Photographer of the Year earns 5 points toward the VNPA Photographer of the Year competition. This year we had a tie between Erica Yoon of the Roanoke Times and Jonathon Gruenke of the Daily Press for Clip Photographer of the year.

Clip Contest Rules:

No more than 12 entries in total.

All photos must be published in print or online for a professional media outlet during the quarter which the contest is taking place (UPDATED Oct. 2013).

If a photo is published in an ongoing series which fall in different quarters, it is acceptable to wait until the final quarter to submit them all at once.

A photo can only be entered once meaning a photo from a multiple cannot also be entered into a singles category (UPDATED Oct. 2013).

Photos must be sized at 1000 px on the longest edge.

Photographers must remove their name from any captions and image metadata.

Please name them (quarter)-(year)-(yourinitials)-(category)-(entry#).jpg

Example: my first and second entries in the news category would be 03-2013-pmb-news-01, 03-2013-pmb-news-02.jpg

For multiple, please use (quarter)-(year)-(yourinitials)-(category)-(story#)-(photo#).jpg

Example: my first multiple entry would read 03-2013-pmb-multiple-01-01.jpg, 03-2013-pmb-multiple-01-02.jpg, etc.
For a second multiple entry, it would read 03-2013-pmb-multiple-02-01.jpg, 03-2013-pmb-multiple-02-02.jpg, etc.

Categories are:

  • News
  • Portrait
  • Feature
  • Sports
  • Multiple

The easiest way to send them is in a zip file to vnpaclips@gmail.com.

***Please include your full name and the news organization for which you work in the email. We will send you a confirmation when we have received your entries

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